CBS is cooler than Viacom

The CBS corporation, once part of old Viacom, has proven its mettle and merits over the “new” Viacom for one simple reason: its bold, healthy, market-savvy relationship with Youtube. Funny, because both CBS and Viacom are still controlled by the same person, Sumner Redstone. As the link shows, Redstone’s love/hate relationship with Youtube is bizarre. Why integrate CBS into this bastion of new media with one hand, and then sue the dickens out of it with another, a measure that, if successful, will likely put Youtube out of business? It’s like he’s living in the Dark Ages and estranging the key 18-49 demographic, while simultaneously throwing a bone to these same constituents, clearing the path for a time when new media is the only media that exists.

All irrationality aside, I say, thank you, CBS, for giving March Madness highlights to those of us who lack working TV’s. One small favor I would ask, though: how about making the live games compatible with Macs?

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