A conservative perspective on war

Like Evan, I would like to hear more conservatives speak out against Bush’s foreign policy. Why aren’t there anti-war rallies run by conservatives and not by socialist wackos? Where have the conservatives been?

Here they were, before the 2003 invasion. “A case against preemptive war,” written by conservative Paul Schroeder for a magazine run by Pat Buchanan. For some reason, as I was reading this yesterday for a class, I started welling up – not because I’m a passionate anti-war zealot, nor because I’m idealistic, but because this viewpoint was so blatantly ignored when the administration toed the Iraq line. It is false for anyone to suggest that if one is conservative, one should be on board with the president. Not that plenty of conservatives aren’t on board with him still; but I would suggest, as Paul Schroeder does, that Bush’s foreign policy is anti-conservative.

The article’s a bit long, but here’s a nice, pro-America bit:
“In dealing with real, major evils and threats to both the United States and the world such as those once represented by the Soviet Union, China, and their allies, we have won not by waging preemptive war for ‘regime change’ but by deterring opponents from aggression and relying on outliving them, proving the superiority of our own system, and ultimately inducing peaceful change. That is the real American way.”

Here’s a hilarious bit from The Daily Show’s John Oliver, speaking of being pro-America:

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